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Sr No. Student Name Student Class Transfer Certificate
1 Vijval Rallan 9th 1537165556VIJVAL RALLAN.pdf
2 Diptrup Mukherjee 11th 1536919797DIPTRUP MUKHERJEE.pdf
3 Bhavika Soni 11th 1536919741BHAVIKA SONI.pdf
4 Shubhra Agarwal 11th 1536919671SHUBHRA AGARWAL.pdf
5 Mantasha Cheppa IXth 1536919530MANTASHA CHEPPA.pdf
6 Sanidhya Yadav IXth 1536919451SANIDHYA YADAV.pdf
7 Lakshya Raj Singh IXth 1536919390LAKSHYA RAJ SINGH.pdf
8 Vineet Sharma IXth 1536919319VINEET SHARMA.pdf
9 Rohit Choudhary 11th 1536919248ROHIT CHOUDHARY.pdf
10 Kriya Jain 11th 1536919179KRIYA JAIN .pdf
11 Neha Jain 9th 1532143049Neha Jain _9th.pdf
12 Rishit Shrivastava 9th 1532143013Rishit Shrivastav_9th.pdf
13 Jayansh Sukhwal 9th 1532142971Jayansh Sukhwal_9th.pdf
14 Zenab Attari 9th 1532142944Zenab Attari_9th.pdf
15 Atishay Jain 11th 1532142903Atishay Jain_11th.pdf
16 Naziya Bhati 11th 1532142874Nazia Bhati_11th.pdf
17 Mohammad Anik 11th 1532142850Mohamad Anik_11th.pdf
18 Arham Pokharna 11th 1532142825Arham Pokharna_11th.pdf
19 Bhaveek Vagrecha 11th 1532142792Bhaveek Vagrecha_11th.pdf
20 Geetika Sainani 11th 1532142768Geetika Sainani_11th.pdf
21 Amrit A Anand 9th 1532142743Amrit A Anand _9th.pdf
22 Tribhuwan Jhala 9th 1532142636Tribhuvan Jhala_9th.pdf
23 Villin Kumawat 11th 1531807969villian.pdf
24 Ritik Jain 11th 1530093326New Doc 2018-06-27 (1).pdf
25 Priyal Jain 10th 1501344325farij.php
26 Hitendra Singh Tank 10th 1492507058Hitendra.pdf
27 Jenendra Singh Tank 8th 1491820556TC 2.pdf
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